The role of the Universities in the promotion of entrepreneurial spirit is considered to be essential. This was confirmed by the COM (2011) 567 document, which, on one hand, notes that one of the essential actions Member States and higher education institutions must undertake is to "stimulate the development of entrepreneurial, creative and innovation skills in all disciplines and in all three cycles" and, on the other hand, identifies the promotion of entrepreneurship among students as a priority topic to be developed in the "Europe 2020 Strategy". In the COM (2009) 158 communication, it is stated that "entrepreneurship education has to be comprehensive and open to all interested students, in all academic disciplines" and that "professors and teachers should have access to training in teaching entrepreneurship and exposure to the business world".

The main goal of the DEVEN3C project is to encourage innovative self-employment among students as a prospect for their future professional career, by setting up Entrepreneurial Support Services in the Universities and promoting teaching entrepreneurship within the curricula of open-access educational institutions, according to the strategy adopted by the Moroccan University reform.  

With this goal, several specific objectives have been set: 

  -  To raise the awareness of students throughout the curriculum about the existence of self-employment as a potential job; 

  -  To strengthen entrepreneurial skills of university graduates by means of specific training activities; 

  - To provide entrepreneur-students with the necessary skills so that they will be able to start up a business through the use of counselling and support tools; 

  -  To establish in Universities prospecting mechanisms that will allow assessing the degree of success of these promotion, training and counselling measures, as well as the situation of entrepreneurship in the country; 

 -  To create networks which will allow the participating Universities to internationalize their activities by sharing their knowledge, promoting new initiatives and studies and strengthening their individual efforts.

The target group of the project’s activities are students, but we will also work in cooperation with all the stakeholders involved in Moroccan Universities: professors, administrative staff, researchers, as well as the educational institutions and their representatives..

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